From innovative idea to successful implementation: an educational journey in midwifery

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In collaboration with the Midwifery program at Hogeschool Rotterdam, we recently facilitated a transformative change in midwifery education. The goal was to reduce stress, promote holistic assessment, and enhance the overall learning experience for students. In this article, we share the story of how this idea became a reality, alongside Dingena Epker and Corrie Lodewikus, both originally midwives and educators.

The beginning: challenges in the fourth year
Dingena: “In the pursuit of a more inclusive and effective assessment method, several challenges arose in the fourth year, particularly related to study stress and workload for both students and faculty. Traditional assessment of individual competencies was no longer optimal.”

The catalyst for change
To address these challenges, the program decided to adopt a new approach: replacing individual competency assessments with a role-based approach.

Significant changes in the fourth year
Substantial changes were implemented, transitioning from assessing individual competencies to an approach based on professional roles that align better with the professional profile. Dingena: “We aimed to shift the focus from ‘checking off boxes’ to holistic assessment. Programmatic assessment was also introduced, and a digital portfolio was integrated into the process of continuous evaluation: Scorion.”

Aspirations for the portfolio
Not just a collection of your work, but something that starts with what you experience as a student, provides insight into your performance in the profession, and also demonstrates your proficiency level.

The development journey
Dingena: “Collaboration with Scorion resulted in the development of a prototype seamlessly implemented after alignment sessions, student training, and a trial period. We sought feedback from students, the professional field, and faculty to optimize the system.”

The portfolio in action
Since September 2023, the revamped program has been in operation. Corrie: “Scorion not only offers insight into students’ progress based on professional roles but also encourages proactive engagement in learning development. Initial experiences are positive, and continuous improvements are pursued and implemented for an optimal user experience.”

Bring your educational vision to life!
We take pride in supporting the journey from concept to implementation of the Midwifery program. Is your educational institution also undergoing changes towards programmatic assessment and/or workplace learning? We are here to help bring your educational vision to life! Contact us for a personal demo or more information about our portfolio platform.

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