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Scorion for professionals

Professionals from different disciplines use Scorion to evaluate their regular learning progress. Personal progress can be shown easily, at any time and digitally on a dashboard.

Scorion for professionals

In the professional setting, Scorion is used in various ways. In hospitals, the platform is used to register the Individual Functioning of Medical Specialists (IFMS), but also as a quality passport for nurses to remain demonstrably competent. Scorion is also used for quality visitations and performance and annual appraisals.

How is Scorion used by professionals?

Slide Online 360-degree Feedback for all employees in the UMCG All UMCG employees can create a 360 degree feedback portfolio 24/7. Fast, simple and safe. Self service model is what we call it! Read more Slide Individual Performance Evaluation (EIF) Social Medicine by the KBSG The KBSG and Parantion have developed an Evaluation Individual Functioning (EIF) file. This enables every social physician to meet the new re-registration requirements that take effect on 1 January 2020. Meer lezen Slide Fully digital portfolio for the medical specialist All medical specialists will receive a digital portfolio in order to be able to do IFMS and keep track of a Personal Development Plan. Read more

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