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Scorion for paramedical education

Many paramedical programmes such as obstetrics, nursing and physiotherapy use Scorion to educate their students. By filling in various assessment and feedback forms, students and supervisors can view their own progress digitally.

Scorion in paramedical education

Paramedical education is mainly characterised by the many practical training phases during the study. In these practical phases, students usually go through many different assessments and tests, so that they are optimally prepared for their future profession. The various forms of assessments and feedback can all be integrated into Scorion. In this way, students can optimally develop their skills and see their own progress. That is why many educational institutions already use the e-portfolio Scorion for their paramedical curricula.

How is Scorion used in paramedical education?

Slide E-portfolio for advanced nursing training At the Amstel Academie, students go through various Practice Learning Periods (PLPs) in which they gather evidence about the actions they perform. Meer lezen Slide Testing skills in the midwifery programme The Amsterdam and Groningen Obstetrics Academy (AVAG) of Inholland University of Applied Sciences uses Scorion to collect feedback during the many internships an obstetrics student does. The system has a multitude of feedback forms, often specific to certain actions.
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