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Scorion for medical education

In medical education, Scorion has been used for many years by Medicine, Dentistry students and AIOS’s in various applications such as EPA forms, Programmatic Testing, 360-feedback, IFMS, KPB and many more.

Scorion in medical education

Medical education, in particular, is at the forefront with the use of individual and flexible education. The important educational changes that drive this development are ‘Programmatic Feedback’ and ‘Entrustable Professional Activities’ (EPAs). With Scorion, students and supervisors always and everywhere have an up-to-date picture of the progress of the programme. The feedback, assignments or tests are incorporated into the platform using smart, secure and user-friendly apps.

How do medical institutions use Scorion?

Slide Remote implementation - Macquarie University Australia
EPAs (Entrustable Professional Activities) are also used in Australia. Macquarie University students use Scorion to fill out DOPS, MiniCEX and many other forms needed for programmatic testing.
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Slide Digital Epa portfolio Medicine at UMC Utrecht During the internships, students gather feedback in the form of observations and case discussions, and students work on obtaining CEPOL certificates of competence to complete their programme. Read more Slide E-portfolio Master of Medicine at the Radboudumc The Radboudumc offers students a digital portfolio that allows them to request feedback easily, quickly and securely during their studies. Meer lezen Slide EPAs in the master clinic Dentistry Radboudumc Master students of Radboudumc Dentistry perform all kinds of actions that are digitally recorded in Scorion. Read more

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