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Scorion is already used in many different educational environments. This includes medical education, education in health professions, but also many other regular education programmes and trainings. Discover here how Scorion is used in these different learning environments.

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What is Scorion used for?

Scorion is widely used as an e-portfolio for personal and flexible education. As this concept is mainly known in medical education, it is now also often used for other study programmes and forms of training. That includes for example health professions such as midwifery training, obstetrics and physiotherapy. Furthermore, it includes regular training programmes such as teacher training or law studies. The important educational changes driving this development are “Programmatic Assessment” and “Entrustable Professional Activities” (EPA’s).

In a professional environment, Scorion is used in different ways, for example in hospitals to register the individual working methods of healthcare professionals (IFMS), but also as a quality passport for nurses to ensure that they remain demonstrably competent. Scorion is also used for annual staff interviews. With standard modules such as 360-degree feedback, the Personal Development Plan (POP) and annual staff interviews, Scorion also perfectly supports the development of professionals.

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