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Insight into your professional growth

Whether in medical, paramedical, regular, or professional education, Scorion is the learning portfolio for all types of education and training. Many different study courses and professions are already using Scorion in all kinds of settings.

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What is Scorion used for?

Scorion is widely used in education for individual and flexible education. Medical courses, in particular, lead the way in this respect, but we now see changes in the direction of flexible and individual education of other courses. For example, paramedical training such as obstetrics and occupational therapy. But also regular training, such as PABO (primary education) training. The important educational changes that drive this process are ‘programmatic feedback’ and ‘Entrustable Professional Activities’ (EPAs). With Scorion, the student and the supervisor have an up-to-date picture of the progress in the program anytime and anywhere. The feedback, assignments or tests, are incorporated into the platform with smart, secure, and user-friendly apps.

In the professional setting, Scorion is used in a variety of ways. In hospitals, Scorion is used to register the Individual Performance of Medical Specialists (IFMS), but also as a quality passport for nurses to remain demonstrably competent. Scorion can too be used for quality assessments and performance and annual appraisals. With standard modules such as 360-degree feedback, Personal Development Plan (POP), and assessment interviews; Scorion perfectly supports the growth of the professional.

Medical education

Slide Remote implementation - Macquarie University Australia
EPAs (Entrustable Professional Activities) are also used in Australia. Macquarie University students use Scorion to fill out DOPS, MiniCEX and many other forms needed for programmatic testing.
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Slide Digital Epa portfolio Medicine at UMC Utrecht During the internships, students gather feedback in the form of observations and case discussions, and students work on obtaining CEPOL certificates of competence to complete their programme. Read more Slide E-portfolio Master of Medicine at the Radboudumc The Radboudumc offers students a digital portfolio that allows them to request feedback easily, quickly and securely during their studies. Meer lezen Slide EPAs in the master clinic Dentistry Radboudumc Master students of Radboudumc Dentistry perform all kinds of actions that are digitally recorded in Scorion. Read more

Health Professions

Slide E-portfolio for advanced nursing training At the Amstel Academie, students go through various Practice Learning Periods (PLPs) in which they gather evidence about the actions they perform. Meer lezen Slide Testing skills in the midwifery programme The Amsterdam and Groningen Obstetrics Academy (AVAG) of Inholland University of Applied Sciences uses Scorion to collect feedback during the many internships an obstetrics student does. The system has a multitude of feedback forms, often specific to certain actions.
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Other study programmes

Slide E-portfolio for advanced nursing training The students of the PABO programme gather feedback on various competencies and the underlying competency requirements. The collection of feedback gives the students insight into their own development. On different dashboards they can see their own progress at any time.
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Slide Online 360-degree Feedback for all employees in the UMCG All UMCG employees can create a 360 degree feedback portfolio 24/7. Fast, simple and safe. Self service model is what we call it! Read more Slide Individual Performance Evaluation (EIF) Social Medicine by the KBSG The KBSG and Parantion have developed an Evaluation Individual Functioning (EIF) file. This enables every social physician to meet the new re-registration requirements that take effect on 1 January 2020. Meer lezen Slide Fully digital portfolio for the medical specialist All medical specialists will receive a digital portfolio in order to be able to do IFMS and keep track of a Personal Development Plan. Read more

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