Homeoffice socks: Scorion NVMO gadget 2020

This year again, the Scorion team will provide all participants in the NVMO with a trendy Scorion gadget: SOXS, those very thick sheep’s wool socks to keep your feet warm during the online NVMO, but also to get through the winter while working from home.

Have you registered for the NVMO? Then you can order these SOXS for free as an NVMO participant. We will have the list checked with the NVMO and make sure that our gift is exclusively for NVMO participants.

Make sure you are there quickly. We have 500 pairs available and while supplies last. Click on this link to leave your details*. You can order the socks until 12 November. Before the start of the NVMO, the socks will be in your mail.

* We will only use your name and address details for this purpose and they will be destroyed after they have been sent.

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