Who we are

The team behind Scorion consists of enthusiastic developers, thinkers and educational scientists who have made it their mission to stimulate innovation in institutions and companies.

Organisations we work with

We are Parantion!

Parantion exists for more than 20 years. The passion for human development, innovation and technology is still deeply anchored in the company’s DNA. With now more than 35 employees, Parantion has become market leader for medical e-portfolios in the Netherlands in recent years.

Working with educational institutions and companies makes us who we are. Because our most important partners are our customers. Together with hospitals, the educational sector, schools, universities, health insurers, governments and companies, we continuously develop our products. We are convinced that the complexity of the processes in these organisations can only be understood by being aware of the content of the problems and the way the organisation works. What matters to us are the people in the organisation, sustainable growth, and data security.

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In addition, it is essential to focus on what is important. Doing what you are good at. As a person, but also as an organisation. Parantion does that as well. As a result, we don’t do everything. Sometimes we don’t do something and are honest about it. We don’t build websites or make CRM software. The software we develop focuses on what people think and how people develop.