The Scorion online platform is very flexible and can be set up by the organisation itself. In practice, Parantion often takes care of the first set-up of a portfolio. The flexibility of Scorion means that each portfolio is unique. Setting up a portfolio is therefore almost always tailor-made and will be in consultation with the client.

In addition to the (often one-off) settings costs license costs are charged to the users. The users can be described as the persons on whom data is collected. Usually these are the students who have a portfolio. Lecturers and / or assessors who do not have a portfolio themselves, but who do take a look at a student or assess a student, are not seen as users. They do not pay license fees.

There are two types of license forms.

  • Licensing E-portfolio: medical: this includes all courses that train a BIG registered profession (pharmacist, doctor, physiotherapist, health care psychologist, psychotherapist, dentist, nurse and midwife). These programs (both Bachelor and Master) use a portfolio, in which several modules are often used. In addition, the portfolio is often used intensively.
  • Enterprise license: this includes the other ‘regular’ courses, such as, for example, law, teacher training, educational sciences or, for example, sociology. As a rule, these programs use fewer modules and the use of the portfolio is much less intensive.

The course itself is responsible for ordering the licenses. The ordering of the licenses is via SURFmarket. The most recent rates can be found via

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