At this moment, many UMCs already use Scorion. Especially in medical education, Scorion is widely applied. Six of the eight Medicine programs in the Netherlands use Scorion as an e-portfolio. In addition, other medical (follow-up) courses increasingly find their way to Scorion.

Scorion is also used at various other colleges and universities. Sometimes for taking a peer feedback, a 360 degree feedback or for example an IFMS group feedback. In addition to students, employees from the business sector also use Scorion, for example in supporting the performance and appraisal interviews.

Finally, the quality passport is emerging at hospitals. In addition to the quality passport, in which the competencies and competencies of employees are clear, the privilege passport can also be used.

Customers below already use Scorion. If you are interested, please contact us. We are happy to tell you more about the possibilities!

Parantion products have already been successfully implemented at many customers. The markers are divided into colors, which represent different branches.

  • Orange: Education
  • Green: Services
  • Blue: Non-profit
  • Red: Advice and Consultancy