IFMS at hospitals
IFMS stands for Individual Functioning Medical Specialists and has been specially developed for medical doctors and medical specialists. The IFMS group feedback module is a module where people assess a group. In an IFMS group feedback medical specialists within a (professional) group give each other feedback. It is also possible to give employees who fall outside the (professional) group feedback, such as a medical secretary. The report provides insight into how the doctors and / or medical specialists within the group function, as well as how an individual performs within the group. Depending on the requirements, the reporting can be generated at group level or individual level.

For all clinics with a ZKN quality mark, from 2016 there is an obligation to carry out an IFMS with all medical doctors and medical specialists. Some health insurers have also placed an IFMS as a purchase condition.

Quality passport
The quality passport provides the employee with insight into the extent to which he is competent and competent for his professional conduct. You also see the status of the continuing education programs. Through alerts, employees and managers are informed in good time when they have to have their actions signed off again.

Image module
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The E-portfolio offers a complete development and tracking platform for the internship program. The E-portfolio is now being used for almost all types of medical education in the Netherlands, such as the AIOS, dentistry and medicine programs of the UMCG in Groningen. The completely new curriculum G2020 has now been fully digitally implemented at the UMCG. With the E-portfolio it is possible to get a clear view of the development and progress during the various internships online. The assistant has his own online portfolio in which assessment forms, treatment plans and evaluations are filled in and saved. Supervisors and assessors have their own environment. From here they have insight into the development of co-assistants and they can assess the co-assistants. Supervisors and assessors can make assessment forms themselves, modify existing ones, but can also generate assessment reports at the touch of a button.

Privilege passport
The passport privilege has been developed in collaboration with Isala. This passport provides insight into the competence of medical specialists in a hospital. The Privilege passport is so structured that the Joint Commission International (JCI) has approved the passport. Isala has achieved the international JCI quality mark for quality and safety with the privilege passport.