With the self-evaluation module, the student writes a reflection report. The student reflects on his or her own actions. He describes the situation and supplements the strengths and improvements as a learning moment for himself. If desired, another student can assess his reflection report. This gives the student a good insight into his own development.

Peer review
The online peer review has been developed in collaboration with TU Delft. With a peer review, students assess each other. This gives a teacher a quick insight into the activities and development of students. A teacher creates a questionnaire himself or adds an existing questionnaire. The TUDelft does this for example on the basis of Rubrics. This questionnaire is sent to a group of students. You can manage these groups yourself and can also easily be imported from Blackboard.

The teacher sees exactly who filled in the questionnaire and who should receive a reminder. This gives you full control over the process, which results in time savings and a higher response! With one press of a button you receive a group report and / or an individual report. This can be added to the student in question, so that everyone always receives their own personal assessment.

Image module
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360 degree feedback
In education, the 360 ​​degree feedback module is used for giving feedback to students. Students assess each other based on, for example, a given presentation or an action that has been carried out.

Test module
For many medical (follow-up) courses, students are tested for their skills. The students demonstrate that they also master the theory in practice in a simulation setting.

With the test module you take different keys (stations). You assess students digitally when assessing their skills. This saves a lot of time. In the digital portfolio of the student it is possible to view the test results.