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Scorion: Flexible, individual, programmatic and assessment learning at the workplace

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Scorion: The portfolio-app for Students and Professionals

Scorion has been used for more than ten years as a portfolio platform for students in education and for professionals working in companies and institutions.
Scorion is widely used in education for individual and flexible education. In particular, medical training and education are at the forefront, but we are now also seeing a trend towards flexible and individual education and training in other programmes. The important educational changes, driving this movement, are programmatic feedback and Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs).

With Scorion, students and supervisors always have an up-to-date picture of the progress in the programme, wherever they are. The feedback, assignments or tests, are incorporated into the platform using smart, secure and user-friendly apps.


In the professional setting, Scorion is used in various ways. In hospitals, Scorion is used to register the Individual Functioning of Medical Specialists (IFMS), but also as a quality passport for nurses to show that they are still competent. Scorion is also used for quality audits and performance reviews and annual appraisals. With the standard modules such as the 360 degree feedback, Personal Development Plan (PDP) and assessment interview, Scorion also perfectly supports the development of the professional.

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In the following, we describe a number of cases that differ considerably from each other. What they have in common is that they always are about developing people and choosing innovative solutions.
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Digital EPA portfolio for Medicine

Obtain EPA competency statements, transparent on a clear dashboard
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KPB (MiniCEX) portfolio for Master in Medicine

Quickly and easily collecting KPB's during the internships on a mini tablet.
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Online 360-degree feedback for all employees in the UMCG

IFMS for physicians and 360-degree feedback for employees, all processed in Scorion
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Individual Performance Evaluation (EPF) Social Medicine by the KBSG

The KBSG offers an online EPF file in Scorion in which Social Physicians comply with the new legislation revising re-registration of 2020.
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E-portfolio for nursing professional training and education

All courses of the Amstel Academy in one system. Daily evaluations and practical learning periods all in one system for the student.
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EPAs in the Dentistry Master Clinic

Every day feedback on an EPA. Students assess themselves and have the teacher to sign. And all this in a multidisciplinary environment together with the Mouth Care training programme.
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Testing of skills in the midwifery course

Online portfolio for obstetrics students. Collecting digital feedback during the internship and getting skills tested.
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Macquarie University; Remote Deployment

Multilingual EPA portfolio in Australia
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Full digital portfolio for the medical specialist

All medical specialists receive a digital portfolio for individual feedback and to keep on track of their Personal Development Plan (PDP).
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What is Scorion?

How does Scorion work technically and functionally?

Scorion is a learning and development platform that allows learners (students or professionals) and supervisors to ‘record’ learning situations and feedback and track progress of the learning process. Scorion is a 4e Generation ‘data-based e-portfolio’. It is distinguished from all other Porfolio’s because it is designed for Programmatic Assessment.

Scorion is applied in organizations and institutions where learning and development of individuals is an important element. Particularly in vocational and learning environments where it is important to be able to determine with great certainty whether someone is skilled in a particular professional activity. The degree of professionalism and ability to act as a medic can be of vital importance. This is why Scorion is widely used in all types of (medical) education, universities and other educational institutions and hospitals.

Scorion is an online e-portfolio consisting of several modules that together form an integral learning platform. The core of the system consists of a question and variabelebank. The second shell in the system is formed by entities that interact with these variables as

  • Users
  • Forms
  • Documents
  • Reports and dashboards
  • Calculations

The third shell of the Scorion platform consists of the modules. The modules collect data about the learning process or the development of the user. The way how this data is collected is very important and is crucial in the assessment of a student. For example, an action can be reviewed and supervised by a colleague (peer evaluation) or assessed by a Supervisor (assessment). Also verbal or scored feedback from colleagues or peers can be very valuable. This can also be collected with the help of a 360 degree feedback or a voice feedback.

Modules in Scorion are:

  • Administration Center
  • Form Designer
  • Dashboard Designer
  • User Administrator
  • Data Manager
  • Reflections
  • Peer Feedback
  • 360-Feedback
  • Documents
  • Reviews
  • Exchange Center (links and API)
  • Dashboard
  • Module Feedback

Scorion is a private cloud-based online platform. It is ISO27001 certified and developed to record sensitive personal data. One of the principles is that the data is always basically owned by the institution and users.

Scorion uses a number of distributed databases. On top of the database, a code layer has been developed in which the Read and Write actions are arranged.
The front-end is built with the latest technology including Vue-JS. Because of its scalability, larger organizations are accommodated in a dedicated database. The front-end of the software and the Apps communicate via the API with the middleware. It executes the processes and writes them to the database.

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Privacy & Datasecurity


Scorion is ISO:27001 and NEN:7510 certified. This means that we process your data in the right way, responsibly and safely. The steps taken in the context of ISO and NEN certification relate to the following sub-areas: Organizing information security, secure personnel, asset management, access security, cryptography, physical security, environmental security, business operations security, communication security, information systems maintenance and development, supplier relationships, security incident management, business continuity and compliance. Scorion works based on a processor agreement and has a responsibility as a processor to work securely with your information. Learn more about data security and privacy , Click here.

The team

Professional and Personal

The Scorion platform is developed by Parantion Groep B.V. In addition to Scorion, Parantion is also the creator and developer of Easion (the easy and safe survey tool) and ‘Groeidocument’ (a support platform for children in appropriate education). The Parantion website contains all corporate information. Here you can go as an investor, applicant or if you are interested in the organization.

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