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Whether it is medical, paramedical, regular, or professional education. Scorion is the portfolio that supports all types of education. Many different study programs are already using Scorion for personal development in all kind of educations. Scorion is widely used by institutions offering higher professional and university educations, and by companies and other institutions like hospitals. This year also the first institutions that offer secondary vocational education will start with programmatic assessment.

What is Scorion used for?

Scorion is widely used in individual and flexible education. Particularly medical education is leading the way in this respect, but other types of education are increasingly adopting flexible and individual education. For example, paramedical types of education like Obstetrics and Occupational Therapy. The important educational changes that drive this development are ‘Programmatic assessment’ and ‘Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs). With Scorion, students and supervisors have an up-to-date overview of the study progress. The feedback, assignments, or tests, are incorporated into the platform with smart, secure, and user-friendly apps.

Scorion is also used by professionals in a variety of ways. In hospitals, Scorion is used to register the Individual Performance of Medical Specialists, but also as a quality passport for nurses to maintain and demonstrate their competencies. In doing so, Scorion is also used for quality assessments and performance and annual appraisals. With standard modules such as 360-Degree Feedback, Personal Development Plan, and Assessment Interviews, Scorion is perfect to support the development of professionals.

Medical Education Programs

Secondary vocational education

Educational institutions have an increasing interest in Programmatic Assessment and “dialogue-driven” learning. While programmatic assessment is already widely used in higher professional and university education we noticed that secondary vocational education is also starting to think about programmatic assessment and how to implement it. We expect that eventually programmatic assessment, or programmatic feedback, will also be applied in secondary and primary education. After all, it is a way for students, teachers, and supervisors to keep track of the learning process and study progress.

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Regular education

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