Understanding your professional development

Whether in medical, paramedical, regular, or professional education, Scorion is the development portfolio for all types of education and training. Many different study programs and professions are already using Scorion in all kinds of courses and for personal development. Scorion is widely used by Universities, HBO institutions, and companies or other institutions such as hospitals and professional associations. This year also MBO institutions will start with a programmatic assessment and flexible educational programs.

What is Scorion used for?

Scorion is widely used in education for individual and flexible training. Medical training, in particular, is leading the way in this respect, but we are now also seeing developments in the direction of flexible and individual training in other courses. For example, paramedical training such as obstetrics and occupational therapy. But also regular training, such as PABO training. The important educational changes that drive this development are ‘programmatic feedback’ and ‘Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs). With Scorion, students and supervisors have an up-to-date picture of the progress in the program anytime and anywhere. The feedback, assignments, or tests, are incorporated into the platform with smart, secure, and user-friendly apps.

In the professional setting, Scorion is used in a variety of ways. In hospitals, Scorion is used to register the Individual Performance of Medical Specialists (IFMS), but also as a quality passport for nurses to maintain demonstrable competence. Scorion is used for quality assessments and performance and annual appraisals. With standard modules such as 360-degree feedback, Personal Development Plan (POP), and assessment interviews, Scorion also perfectly supports professional development.

Medical Education Programs

Medical education, in particular, is characterized by its high practical component: students must learn how to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice. Scorion already guides a large number of medical students. Both in theory and practice.

Secondary vocational education

There is increasing interest in Programmatic Assessment and “dialogue-driven” learning in vocational education and training (MBO). And we notice that many ROCs and other MBO institutions are thinking about how to give this shape. We expect that eventually this form of programmatic assessment, or programmatic feedback, will also be applied in VMBO, VO, and even primary education. After all, it is also the way to organize your learning processes flexibly and still keep a good overview of the learning process, both for the student and for the teacher and supervisors.

Regular education


One of the Scorion modules for professionals is Scorion Individual Functioning Medical Specialist (IFMS). The IFMS module is used by several health care institutions and consultancy firms. This module contains the possibility for Multi-Source Feedback, yearly PDP, and self-reflection.

For substantive guidance during IFMS meetings, Scorion collaborates with consulting firms. One of these is the consultancy firm Meijer Consulting Group (MCG). Scorion and MCG have been working together for many years and have a partner agreement.

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