Scorion: the portfolio tool for Programmatic Assessment and flexible education

Scorion is the modern and secure portfolio platform for programmatic assessment and other innovative educational concepts in the education of students and professionals. With the Scorion e-portfolio, students and supervisors easily give feedback and assessments digitally in an app. The Scorion dashboard shows, based on data, an accurate picture of your progress and performance at any time.

What is Scorion?

Scorion is an online platform with which all training activities can be digitally recorded and provided with feedback. Not like the “classic portfolios” with documents, but in the data form. It is done very simply by working in practice and saves a large amount of time. Because the platform structure corresponds to the course itself, the assessment and feedback used to follow the educational process, making it very recognizable to the student. That is why, the integration of learning, testing, and giving feedback was implemented. These become, as it were, one whole.

A student sees the program represented in several ‘forms’, which can be bundled according to cohort, year of study, or a more substantive learning line. Such a form can be an assessment, a self-reflection, a test, 360-degree feedback, or one of the other 25 test and feedback processes that Scorion has. A form can take very different forms. It can even be an app where you enter feedback for a student, either solicited or unsolicited. The idea is that each activity is provided with feedback. This feedback can be evaluative or more of a reflective nature.

In Scorion, all collected data points can be displayed in different ways on the dashboards. A dashboard differs per course because it shows the information needed to determine whether someone is on track or not. And so that can look very different for an assessor, supervisor, counselor, or student.

The platform also supports typical portfolio-like functions such as sharing files, adding files to an assessment, or handing in assignments. Furthermore, the portfolio, or part of it, can be securely shared with others.

The Scorion platform consists of several modules that provide a clear structure. With one of the modules, the design studio, a course can create its forms and dashboards. In this way, a course can adapt the system whenever and wherever it is needed. The structure of the platform ensures that the systematics are preserved. Each module has a specific function. It does not become unnecessarily complicated. Because a training course can sometimes contain quite a few different variables, a special item bank has been developed where you can see everything together.

Who’s Scorion for?

Scorion has been used for more than ten years as a portfolio platform for students in scientific and higher education and professionals working in companies and institutions. The portfolio is specially designed to provide feedback on both theoretical assignments and practical situations.

This process is also called workplace learning or Programmatic Assessment. Scorion assumes that learning does not necessarily have to take place in a class or group and therefore supports individual training paths. In this way, a program can attune testing and assessment to the education provided, and a reliable picture emerges of how someone is doing. Scorion is in line with the education or training as it is and because of its high degree of flexibility is in principle suitable for any training in which competence is more than a collection of documents.

Why Scorion?

Access via any device

Scorion can be accessed both via the website for desktops as well as via all other mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones.


Whether you work with EPAs, competencies, CANmeds, learning lines, or a different system in the curriculum…
For Scorion, it doesn’t matter.

Custom CMS

With the help of the content management system, the institution can manage the portfolio independently, and further, develop and adapt the portfolio.

Programmatic Assessment

By supporting more than twenty different assessment processes, Scorion promotes flexible and personalized teaching and allows for appropriate data-based decisions.

Data protection

Scorion is ISO:27001 and NEN:7510 certified. That means we handle data responsibly, securely, and confidentially.

Everything at a glance

Scorion apps allow tasks, tests, and feedback to be added to Scorion at any time.

Technical expertise

With more than ten years of experience in e-portfolios and expertise in the educational field, we go with institutions
in the digitalization processes.

Professional implementation

Thanks to our close cooperation with educational institutions and our years of experience, we can adapt Scorion to every curriculum.

Scorion and education

Scorion is tailored to the curriculum of the course – not the other way around.

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