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Less complicated by development

Several years ago, the University of Groningen began using Scorion for part of its skills education. Skills education is part of the law program and covers subjects such as student court. Here students put theory into practice and this is assessed by lecturers.

Together with this program, Parantion designed the new module Scorion X to make the logistical side of preparing the course easier. An important starting point here was to fully support the teachers during the grading process. This review process has been further optimized in Scorion X.

Before Scorion was used, there was little visibility of student progress during the course. Printed out papers had to be brought to lecturers and in the case of a double assessor, the logistics already became quite complicated. Once the piece was graded, it still had to be archived.

With Scorion, the training now sets up assessment forms for all work groups and provides them with appropriate deadlines. The deadlines can also be adjusted at any time (possibly on an individual level) by the program. Students link their product/assignment to the assessment form and once the deadline has passed, the product is scanned for plagiarism. The instructor is then given a task to grade the product, where the instructor can view the plagiarism score via a link.

A form is always sent to the instructor, even if no product is linked. This allows the instructor to have an immediate view of students who are behind from their task list. Any second assessor automatically receives a task when the first assessor has completed his assessment. Thus, the subject coordinator has insight into student progress in several ways.

In addition, while grading, the teacher can compare the given ratings of the students. It is also possible to download in all the linked products/assignments that the teacher has to grade at once, which makes the grading easier.

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