Digital portfolio for programmatic assessment within the teacher education program

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Workshop at university. Rear view of students sitting and listening in lecture hall doing practical tasks on their laptops.

During their teacher training at Marnix Academy, students receive feedback on the various qualification requirements of the program.

The regular teacher training program at Marnix Academy lasts four years. During this period, students are trained to become elementary school teachers. The study is characterized by the combination of practical learning, vision formation and theory subjects, in which the challenge is to allow the student to take control of his/her learning process as much as possible.

To accomplish the latter, next academic year a pilot group of first-year students will use Scorion in an integration of a number of curriculum components. They will collect feedback on various competencies and the underlying competency requirements. The collection of feedback will provide insight into and demonstrate whether students are on their way to becoming competent, engaged and inspired teachers for this part of their studies. 

In Scorion, the student can digitally invite feedback providers to provide feedback on these competencies. To do this, the student indicates in advance which competency requirements he or she would like to receive feedback on. The feedback giver will then receive a message asking him or her to provide feedback. It is possible to attach an attachment to the feedback form as evidence, if necessary.

To review progress and feedback on the various competencies and proficiency requirements, there are dashboards showing how the student is developing. This dashboard is also used during a low-stake moment when a teacher and/or practice trainer discusses with the student the developments on the competencies.