360-degree feedback portfolio at Highschool Utrecht pediatrics

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At Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, pediatric students can request feedback from their practice supervisor using the 360-degree feedback forms.

Population college students prepare and deliver certain lessons at their placement institution. Students are supervised by their practicum supervisor. The student can self-assign a 360-degree feedback form towards the practice supervisor. In the 360-degree feedback, the student also assesses himself. Afterwards, a report can be generated showing the feedback given. Here the feedback of the student (self-assessment) and that of the practice trainer is visible.

To this end, the HU has established a number of core tasks on which the student is assessed. Each core task contains one or more indicators and through a kind of Rubric the student is assessed. This quickly shows which indicators the student can improve on. There is also room in the forms to give feedback on what goes well and where improvement is possible. All this data is displayed in one clear report.

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