MCL; Fully digital portfolio for the medical specialist

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All medical specialists receive a digital portfolio to accomplish their Individual Feedback for Medical Specialist (IFMS) and to keep track of their Personal Development Plan (PDP).

From 2019, Medical Centre Leeuwarden (MCL) will be working with Scorion for the (government-imposed) Individual Feedback for Medical Specialists (IFMS). Medical specialists provide respondents who are invited by the secretary for 360 degree feedback. The 360 degree feedback was developed on the basis of CanMed’s competencies and is designed in such a way that each target group (e.g. nurses, colleagues, etc.) receives its own customised questionnaire. So each respondent always receives questions that are relevant to him or her.

After the ‘completion period’, the medical specialist automatically receives a report in the digital portfolio. After analyzing the results, the medical specialist can digitally create and maintain a personal development plan (POP). This means that the Scorion system fully complies with the new legislation regarding re-registration in 2020.

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