Re-registration of Occupation Practitioners by the Quality Bureau of Social Medicine (KBSG)

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The KBSG and Parantion have developed a digital ‘Evaluation Individual Functioning (EIF)’ dossier for Occupational Medicine. Every Occupational Practitioner can meet the new requirements for re-registration, which will take effect on 1 January 2020.

This makes it possible to create your own personal development plan (PDP) and update it for 5 years. An annual self-assessment can be done and every 5 years you can do a Multi Source Feedback (MSF). A learning supervisor can also be invited to provide feedback on the documents and to approve the dossier.

At the request of the Dutch Quality Bureau for Occurpational Medicine (KBSG), Parantion has developed a new matching module in which a social worker can make contact with a learning counsellor. This reduces the administrative workload for the KBSG to a minimum.

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