360-degree feedback at Wenckebach Institute - UMCG

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All employees of the University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG) can create a 360-degree feedback portfolio 24/7. Fast, easy and safe. We call this the self-service model!

The Wenckebach Medical Training Institute uses Scorion for various types of assessments. Like: Individual Feedback (IFMS), 360-degree feedback, KPBO and the training thermometer are all supported by Scorion. Thanks to the Self-service model for employees, a lot of administrative actions belong to the past for the Wenckebach Institute.

At the University Medical Centre (UMCG), employees can carry out various types of assessments and evaluations at the Wenckebach Institute. These include IFMS, 360 degree feedback, training and instructor evaluations.

For doctors there is the IFMS-assessment. With this Multi Source Feedback in Scorion, both the medical specialist and the feedback providers can complete a questionnaire digitally. Once the questionnaires have been completed, the Wenckebach can easily generate a report. This report can be shared with the medical specialists. For non-medical staff, the Wenckebach Institute and Parantion have developed a complete Self-service platform.

Employees can register via the Wenckebach website using the login name and password of UMCG (Single Sign-On link) and automatically receive an account for Scorion. Employees can then fill out a 360-degree feedback list and generate a report. And all this on a tablet, without the help of a manual with the latest generation ScorionX.

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