Looking back on the first Expertmeeting of 2023

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Thursday, January 26 was the first Scorion Expert Group of 2023. Twice a year the Expert Group takes place, where Scorion key users are updated on the latest developments. Simone de Keijzer, manager Sales & Marketing at Scorion, looks back on a fun and especially informative meeting.

Development of the BNP scan in Scorion
During the Expert Group, Eveline Waterreus of Logeion, the Dutch professional organization for communication professionals, gave an inspiring presentation on how Logeion uses Scorion. This is because Logeion’s professional level profile scan (BNP) was developed in Scorion. In the BNP scan, the communications professional gains insight into his or her personal development by being able to complete a self-scan, receive 360-degree feedback and complete a team scan or GAP analysis. This insight can help the professional set new learning and development goals and develop further. The professional can record these learning and development goals in his or her personal development plan (PDP), which is also implemented in Scorion. Thus, he or she has all the necessary tools in one environment.

A very nice example of programmatic testing, which we had the pleasure of working on. Many thanks to Eveline for her time and clear explanation.

Would you like to know more about the BNP scan? You can find out more at www.logeion.nl/bnp.

What has happened in the past six months?
In addition to Eveline’s presentation, we looked back at the latest developments in Scorion. In the past six months we have developed – mostly in cooperation with our customers – many new functionalities in Scorion. For example, we have realized a link between Scorion and Canvas for plagiarism control. This makes it possible for students to upload products (to be assessed) in Scorion, so that these can then be checked (via the link with Canvas) for plagiarism. We are also working hard on being able to (automatically) archive data in Scorion, so that the data of students who stopped or finished the program will be archived for accreditation purposes. By the end of 2022, the development of a new initiator role is nearing completion. With the new initiator role, a lot of new functionality has been developed that allows others (with appropriate roles and permissions) to perform certain actions in Scorion, such as passing on tasks. In the short term, among other things, the realization of an export for management reporting is on the planning. If, as an education, you want to report more on the meta-data of forms, for example, then this development might be of interest to you.

Scorion is going international!
Internationally, more and more universities are seeing the added value of Scorion. For example, the innovative and leading courses in medicine, obstetrics, nursing and dentistry at Charité in Berlin, are implemented in Scorion. In addition to Berlin, we are implementing Scorion in Kansas, at the new Master of Dentistry at Kansas City University. Of course, we are very proud of that!

Also curious about the possibilities of Scorion for your program? Let us know and request a demo via www.scorion.nl/contact/ . Hope to see you soon!

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