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More and more courses are introducing the programmatic testing concept broadly and we are increasingly allowed to support this with Scorion. We have noticed with our customers that there is a lot of demand for a link with plagiarism systems. This is also the case with the study of Medicine at one of the Dutch universities. Therefore, in cooperation with this program, we have realized a link with Canvas, a learning management system (LMS), in Scorion.

Plagiarism reporting with an assignment or product
Part of programmatic testing is the collection of data points. Data points can have different forms of testing, such as reflection, peer feedback, practice observation, but also the student’s elaboration of an assignment or product. When a student has handed in an assignment or product, in some cases the instructor wants a plagiarism report to go with it.

Linking to plagiarism software or to LMS
With Scorion there are two possibilities: we can link Scorion directly to plagiarism software (usually Turnitin), or we can link Scorion to the LMS. The program in question chose the latter: linking Scorion to Canvas. This has the advantage that you can also use the LMS as an archive and have the plagiarism software linked in one place.

Simple link, big impact
Actually, the link is very simple, but very convenient for the instructor: the student sends a feedback request in Scorion and attaches an attachment. The attachment is submerged in the LMS and checked for plagiarism there. The plagiarism score and the link to the plagiarism report are stored in Scorion on the feedback or assessment form. The teacher opens the product and the feedback or assessment form in Scorion and can view the plagiarism report at the touch of a button.

User-friendly for student, teacher and administrator
Direct links from Scorion to learning management systems are not new. We have been working with a link between Scorion and Blackboard for years, and now we have a link to Canvas as well. Because this link is so easy to use, it is perceived as very user-friendly by students and teachers. Administrators also tell us that the link is easy to manage. In the management environment you can easily set which data point in Scorion should be checked for plagiarism.

More information?
Are you curious about the possibilities of a link between Scorion and your LMS? Please contact us. See you soon!

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