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As you may know, Scorion is being developed in full swing by our development department. Last year, there have already been 13 updates. Because we develop on the basis of Scrum, a major new update comes online every 5 to 6 weeks. All information about these updates can be found on our website under the heading Support.

And what did we develop next? We have had many new developments in terms of usability. For instance, it is possible to show extra info on the Scorion booklets, pre-completed forms are now also viewable afterwards for the student, we have implemented a new method for adding forms and a lot has been developed to make Scorion even more accessible for everyone.

We have also developed many new features. These include further development of the station test module (OSCE), new options when creating exports and a completely new secretarial role.

This secretariat role can be used to choose to relieve end users by having certain actions performed from the secretariat. These include setting out 360-degree feedback, adding respondents and sending invitations and reminders. Particularly for professional applications of Scorion such as IFMS (Individual Functioning of Medical Specialists), this can be very useful, relieving the medical specialist as much as possible from procedural actions and allowing him to really focus on the content.

What is also a great development is integration with LMS systems. At the moment we have connections with Blackboard and Canvas and are working on how we can start linking with Brightspace. Often these connections are used to synchronise groups and users, but increasingly the plagiarism link is also being used.

Should you like to know more about Scorion’s developments, you can always find them on our site. And every year we create a Roadmap, which we will also be sure to communicate in the first newsletter of 2023.

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