This week in faces behind Scorion: Anne Blom

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Who are you and what is your role at Parantion, the company behind Scorion?
I am Anne Blom, 27 years old and i have been working as a HR consultant at Parantion for 3 years now. My hobbies are playing tennis, socializing and doing odd jobs around the house. 5 years ago we bought a house and we are still working on it.

If you are at a party and someone asks you: “You work at Parantion, what kind of company is that?”, what do you answer?
I usually answer: ‘I work at an IT company and we make software mainly for medical higher education and universities, and recently also for secondary vocational education. We actually do everything from selling our portfolios, creating them, implementing them and we do the aftercare of our Scorion portfolio. Because of this, we also employ many different people, which also makes it very diverse and fun I think.

What are the best aspects of your job?
The nice thing about my position is that we are a relatively small company, 40 employees, where a lot of aspects of HR are my responsibility. I learn a lot here in a lot of different areas. So you stay involved and everyone also knows how to find me if they have certain questions.

What do you like most about working at Parantion?
The best thing about working at Parantion is that there are a lot of opportunities, nothing is too crazy, every idea you come up with is seriously considered. Own initiatives are very much appreciated. Furthermore, the colleagues and the teams are very nice to work with. Besides working hard, we also do a lot of fun things together, like celebrating Christmas together and having lunch together every day. It is a very informal company, so there are many fun moments outside of work. For example, we have a pub quiz team and colleagues regularly go cycling together, to the cinema or for a bite to eat in town.

What changes or innovations are you most excited about?
The professionalization and then mainly in the HRM area. Of course, we started as a startup and over the past three years we have really made a big step forward. Also how we think about working, for example the layout of the new building is completely set up for hybrid working. We always try to think from the employee’s point of view, you have to want to work at your own company.

What do you hope for the future?
That we remain who we are; I would like us to continue to grow, but also to maintain contact and connection with the employees. And of course that there remains room for things like Christmas days, an Easter breakfast, etc.

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