A (sunny) review of the Scorion Expert Group!

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We have all spent a lot of time behind our screens over the past two years, including the Scorion Expert Group, so we were delighted to finally see each other physically again! The weather alone promised that it would be a beautiful day, although it was perhaps a little too warm…

The Scorion Expert Group started with a delicious lunch at PUNT in Deventer and after a round of introductions it was Sofie Zonneveld and Mieke van Eenbergen’s turn to introduce us to programmatic testing and Scorion at the Occupational Therapy course in Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. For instance, before the roll-out of programmatic testing, students were mainly concerned with gaining credits and not with feedback; ‘if my score is higher than 5.5, I don’t look at my score’. But also how Scorion has helped to digitise the whole process of programmatic testing, from paper to Scorion!

Then it was up to our lead front-end developer Kris Minkjan to take the Scorion experts into the Future of Scorion. What are we currently working on to improve the user experience and what does this look like behind the scenes? Kris talked about one of our projects; making Scorion accessible for the visually impaired. Roel Smabers took over and took the experts into the student projects at Parantion and how this keeps us innovative.

Simone de Keijzer and Robert Smeenk then shared their news, such as the SURF tender, and the roadmap so that everyone is up to date with the developments. One of our consultants also took the floor. We asked Marlijn Vrielink: ‘What is one project that has really stuck out to you? Marlijn took us through the CZO Flex EPA portfolio and the challenges that came with this project.

Finally, the experts sat down together in groups to discuss what wishes they still had and to give us feedback. After that, it was really time for a refreshment and a walk to the new premises!

See you on 26 January!

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