Macquarie University Sydney Australia

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Woman and man doctors or medical students on the lecture or symposium. They using laptop and digital tablet. Focus on female hands typing on portable personal computer

Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) are also used in Australia. That is why Macquarie University in Sydney approached Parantion to find out whether we would like to set up the portfolio for the Medicine course.

First, together with the MQU’s educational team, we analysed the current paper and Excel-based portfolio. After that, the design was made for the digital curriculum and almost the entire implementation was realized through conference calls.

Then the DOPS, MiniCEX and all other forms needed for programmatic assessment were created. After a short training session, the MQU team is now working on the curricula for the remaining years. The funny thing for us is that in Australia the cohorts start after the summer holidays in January. And the Tim Tams of course.