E-portfolio Master Medicine at Radboud University Medical Centre

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The Radboudumc offers students a digital portfolio in which they can easily, quickly and safely ask for feedback during their internships.

In the digital portfolio of Radboud University Medical Centre, students of the Medicine programme collect as many Clinical Assessements (KPB) as possible. A KPB is a Short Practical Assessment, with which the student receives feedback on one or more EPAs (Entrustable Professional Activities). In this project, Radboudumc and Parantion have realized to make it as easy as possible for students to complete a KPB.

Feedback providers (doctors, specialists, graduates, nurses) are very busy with their daily activities. Because all interns have their own mini tablet, a KPB can be completed and signed anywhere in or outside the hospital. As a result, the resident collects feedback regarding what goes well and what can be improved, and if an EPA level is achieved.

In the end, all feedback is presented on a dashboard. This dashboard shows the data from an EPA, internship or an episode. This gives the student, supervisor and the school an overview of the progress of the resident.